Mother + Daughter is created for women worldwide. To celebrate the love that arises from nourishment and care. The information here will provide you with the knowledge you need to purchase the right type of bra for your needs, and the needs of the women who matter to you. We hope that this is a place where young girls can learn about womanhood, sexuality, and responsibility and where mothers can educate their daughters about their bodies and daughters can purchase the right bra for their mother who may not do much for herself as a result of taking care of her family.

This website will grow to be a bra boutique. Mother + Daughter will provide options for women who are dissatisfied with the lingerie and underwear that is widely available.

Stay tuned for sexy underwear that provide breast tissue support, appropriate coverage under clothing for all breast shapes, body shapes, and lifestyles made with quality fabrics such as detailed lace, organic cotton/hemp/linen/silk/satin. We will use sustainable and slow methods, provide information about lingerie care, women’s healthcare and women’s fashion and fit. We look forward to expand to sell exquisite dresses.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope you have another lovely day full of gratitude and excitement.